What quality standards do Celebrate Condoms meet?
Our condoms are manufactured in accordance with all Australian standards and meet the highest of International standards
(ISO 4074. 2015 and ASTM 3492)).
Every Celebrate Condom is individually put through electronic testing for your safety and protection.
How long will my order take to ship?
Your order will be processed and shipped from our warehouse within two business days of being received.
For orders within USA, your order will be shipped via USPS first class mail with an average delivery time of 2-3 working days.
For orders within Australia, your order will be shipped via Australia Post with an estimated delivery time of 5 -7 working days.
Orders from countries outside the USA will be processed in Australia and will be shipped by international post
Please note deliveries to WA, TAS, regional areas and other territories may take longer than stated.
What is the return policy on condoms?
If your purchased product is damaged or defective, Celebrate Condoms will, at their discretion, replace or refund your product.
If there is an issue with the product please contact our Customer Service Team at info@celebratecondoms.com.
Unfortunately we do not refund or a replace an item if you simply change your mind.
Do the products come in discreet packaging?
All goods are packaged in inconspicuous and subtle packaging, they are not even post marked by us.
They look so cool but are they just a novelty?
Celebrate Condoms use innovative patented condom technology and are manufactured to the highest international standards.
Every Celebrate Condom is made from the very best latex and our factory has been a proud producer of quality condoms since 1958.
Is it safe to use condoms underwater or in a shower?
Any type of water can wash away your applied or natural lubricants. This can cause additional friction, which can weaken the condom and could cause your condom to break.
What do the numbers stamped on the back of the condom foil mean?
On the back of each individually packed condom is the batch number and expiry date. The expiration date is an indication on how long the condom will perform to our highest standards. The batch number is for our quality control.
Why should I use lubes?
Our condoms are pre-lubricated, however the use of extra lubricant can add extra protection and pleasure for you and your partner. The use of water and silicone based lubricants can lower the risk of your condoms tearing. It can be used on the outside of the condoms and on the inside and around the vagina or anus for enhanced pleasure.
Are lubes safe to use with condoms?
Celebrate Condoms recommend using a water or silicone based lubricant. They can reduce friction which helps keep the latex in your condoms intact. This means that your condoms are less prone to tearing during intercourse. Oil based lubricants should not be used when you are using a condom as it can damage the integrity of the condom.
Do condoms have an expiry date?
All our condoms have an expiry date. Each condom is labelled with their expiry date on the packs as well as their individual foil package to ensure maximum protection for you.

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